Nanjiang Grand Canyon, a national AAAA scenic spot and provincial scenic spot, is located in the suburb of Guiyang City, capital of Guizhou Province, with a planned area of 30.87 square kilometers. The karst geology and geomorphology in the scenic area are typical in development and unique in resources. It enjoys the reputation of "Karst Ecology Museum". It combines Qifeng, canyon, cliff, cliff, waterfall, travertine, stream spring, boulder and forest on rock in one gorge. Naqi, dangerous, majestic, beautiful, wild, secluded and Austrian are integrated, with beautiful scenery, cool climate and is the magnificence of the original ecological gorge landscape.

"China's Best Green Eco-Scenic Spot" Evaluated by the International Tourism Federation It has been jointly appraised by the State Tourism Administration and the State General Administration of Sports as "the top-quality sports tourism project in China"